About Us


For over 30 years, Nutritious Delicious has been providing the Bay Area with quality authentic Mediterranean cuisine. The company was founded in 1986 and is currently run by Maroun who immigrated from his home country of Lebanon. Maroun brought with him old-country values in addition to a few recipes on which he built Nutritious Delicious. With a few fryers, an oven, and a van, Nutritious Delicious found humble beginnings in its factory in South San Francisco. Over the course of its development, and to this day, Maroun has employed the help of his son, daughters, siblings, nieces, nephews, and even fiends, believing that family comes first. His conviction and loyalty sustains throughout his business, providing quality Mediterranean goods at fair prices.

Nutritious Delicious has since grown to be the provider of Mediterranean specialty foods to over a hundred local and franchised businesses in the Bay Area. If you’ve ever picked up a falafel or some hummus from your neighborhood grocery or deli counter, chances are you were enjoying something special from Nutritious Delicious. Nutritious Delicious produces a great variety of classic delicacies including some of your favorites like falafel, hummus, tabouli, spanakopita, and many more. All are made fresh daily before they are packaged and shipped out, maintaining the flavor of every item or dish so that you or your customer can savor every bite. Whether it be a small bag of pita bread or five-hundred pounds of tahini sauce, Nutritious Delicious has just the thing you need to satisfy any palate.